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Alice Muriel Murphy

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My younger daughter, Alice Murphy, was born in 1984 at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. Alice graduated from Northern Illinois University (NIU) and married Kevin Murphy in 2010. Alice is named after her mother's mother (Alice Dorgan), my mother (Alice Jellesma), and a great great grandmother (Alice Visser). She spent a year studying abroad at Kansai Gaidai University near Kyoto, Japan and currently works at an import / export company in Chicago.

I lovingly call Alice my "special" child because she's always had strange predilections. One Christmas she asked me to tell the relatives not to give her any "girly" presents like Barbie dolls because she would rip their heads off and/or turn them into zombies. However, Alice's caring and loving personality belies her otherwise eccentric tastes. Like her dad, she loves the outdoors and loves to read and like her Mom, she prefers science fiction, classic novels, and Harry Potter.

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